The house

How big House can be built on the plot? It can be smart to draw the surface of the house on the map to form an idea of possible placements. Try to imagine how the surroundings will look from inside the house. If water and sewage are not drawn to the plot itself, you should find out where it will be placed. The cost of withdrawal depends on how the ground is and how far it is between the house and the ground border where the water and sewerage is drawn.

Rules concerning the design of houses on site Torekov 89:1

For houses and garages, the height of the building must not exceed 3.0 meters and the total height must not exceed 4.0 meters.

Building for permanent stay shall have radonskyddat execution.

  • A maximum of two floors.
  • The maximum permissible building area of the main building in a plane without furnished wind is 190 sqm and for main building with furnished wind or two planes is 140 sqm. The maximum allowed building area for the outhouse is 60 sqm. A maximum of 20% of the plot may be built. Highest building height in 6.5 meters. At 35-45 ° Roof gradient, the dormers may be erected to a maximum ¼ of the roof length.
  • Maximum roof gradient 45 degrees.
  • Only detached houses.
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