En olycka kommer sällan ensam

– Det stämmer nog som man säger, ”en olycka kommer sällan ensam”.

Olycka nummer två…

Bär och transportera alltid betongskivor på högkant!

Använd formen och skruva fast plankor i reglarna på plywoodskivan så att inte betongskivan kan falla ur formen.

Betongskivorna ska aldrig läggas plant på golv eller på mark.

De skall ställas på högkant mot vägg eller dylikt på ett underlag som inte skadar.

2 svar på ”En olycka kommer sällan ensam”

  1. Hi Aurélien!
    I do not know any of the manufacors you counted up … There are small firms and some are probably Finnish. My advice is to choose a bigger stable company is risk of pick maufactor that may be in financial trouble. I selected Trivselhus because I did not need to do too many compromices from my wishes. https://husplaner.se/svart-att-valja-husleverantor/ https://husplaner.se/jamfora-husofferterna/
    Prices vary a lot because depending on what you choose for your house flooring, tiles and so on. Good Luck!

  2. Aurélien säger:

    I am a french potential customer of Trivselhus and I would like to have our advice about this manufactor.
    In france there are not a lot of this kind of wooden house manufactors and I like the swedish style.
    I have found a lot of manufactors like LAPPLI TALOT, HONKA, KONTIO, schwoerer, malarvillan, omatalo…
    And i don’t know the quality level of each one, thats why I would like to know why have you chosen Triselhus?
    Do you know another manufactor of the list and his reputation?
    Can you tell me also the price of your house and the level of construction? have you make the kitchen, the bathroom, the electricity or is it trisvelhus that have done everything?
    Thank for your help

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